School Guerrilla Gardening


Inscrit le 25 février 2011
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"School Guerrilla Gardening"

School Guerrilla Garden is an experimental project from UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo taking place as part of the UN agencies Youth Month (August) whose focus this year is on Youth Participation.

The Innovations Lab took up the challenge and after talking with young people decided to combine youth participation and 'green ideas'.

The project was thus born out of the need to empower young people to be actors in their communities, raise their voice about issues that concerns them and to take on themselves to change the current paradigm. It also answers the growing concern about the environment and the need for young people to be active in preserving it.

Around 30 young people, in two teams, from Peja, Vitia and Prishtina worked (hard) during one day (in 40 degree) to do the make over of the courtyard of the Technical high school of Peja.

From repairing benches, to painting the sport court passing of course by planting trees and flowers, they have had turned the schoolyard into a green youth-friendly space.

Creative arts have been be used to transform the space and a documentary will be shot by a team of young film makers, showing the whole process. It will then be screened in schools throughout Kosovo to show young people how they can be actors of change in only one day, starting today!

We would like to thank the NGO "Trentino con Il Kosovo" and the Director of the Technical High School for their help and support and a very special thank to all the YOUNG people who got involved and stood up to be role models for their peers.

And as the Lab is a strong advocate for open source materials, we would like this experience to be replicated in as many schools (primary and secondary) as possible, with young people organizing themselves, fundraising, and implementing their own School Guerrilla Garden

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