Schoolboy Goes on Solo Mission and Tries to Raise $13 Million for Somalia

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Inscrit le 21 juillet 2011
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Andrew Adansi-Bonnah is a young boy of only 11, who wishes to raise $13 Million, or 20 million Ghanaian cedis for Somalia, on his own. Over his 8 week school holiday he decided to walk door to door, asking for donations to help the victims of Somalia. He says the images of starving children caused him to get up and run a campaign named, 'Save Somali Children from Hunger.'

So far, he is on his way to achieving his goal, and has already raised $6,500. He approached UNICEF setting up a fund and did all the personal work on his own merit. "There are hungry people in Ghana but our situation is not as desperate as the people of Somalia," Said Andrew. So far the UN is still in need of $2.4 billion, but with hardworking and inspirational young people such as Andrew this goal is one step closer. "This is a moment that mankind can touch lives," says Andrew, "There is no point for others to have so much to eat while others have nothing to eat. It is not right." Andrew clearly has a passion for justice and is willing to do anything to help.

His father, Samuel Adansi-Bonnah, a school teacher in Ghana, donated $500 saying "I even wondered why a child of his age should be concerned about people far away from him," and that Andrew surprised him. Andrew says his dream is to meet the Somali's who have fled to the refugee camps in Kenya. He dreams of being a pilot when he grows up. Andrew serves as in inspiration to all young people that goals are attainable.

Photo from Huffington Post.

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