'Schools of Hope' in Kenya, Under Threat.

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Inscrit le 21 juillet 2011
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As thousand of children have died in Somalia and other countries in the Horn of Africa, the schools in Kenya, provide life saving support.

Their lunchtime meals, are often the only meals these children receive. Schools would traditionally close in the month of August, but authorities are pledging for the schools to stay open, as for many this is their only lifeline today.

Currently 3.5 Million children in Kenya are in desperate need of food. Victor Kiyo, National director of Child fund, Says, "In a crisis like this, schools are needed desperately. But it seems that rather they are, "teetering on the brink of closure, due to the lack of resources."

Disease is spreading fast in the camps and the children who still make it there alive are suffering from severe malnutrition. Ibrahim Conteh, UNICEF Dadaab Emergency Coordinator said that “Malnutrition can weaken a child’s immune system, increasing their susceptibility to infectious diseases like measles and polio,” “We are acting now because these diseases can spread very quickly in overcrowded conditions like we have now in the camps.” Clearly the need for a safe, sanitary space for the children is important, just as important as nutrition itself. The United Nations have been supplying the region with water, sanitation, child protection, hygiene and nutrition as far as possible.

UNICEF has reached more than 2000 children with child friendly spaces over the past few weeks. Will the rest of world, be helping to encourage and support the brave and important work of UNICEF?

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