Sentiment on Human Rights?

Ann Tai

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Inscrit le 11 janvier 2014
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2006-0127/Mingfang

© UNICEF/NYHQ2006-0127/Mingfang

Born and raised in Hong Kong SAR, my initial inadequate knowledge of factual political climate and human rights situation in China as a whole was due to reasons including, but not limited to; the Chinese government’s high political repression, insufficient respect of human rights, media and internet censorship, etc. All of which are gradually being localized in the H.K. as well. Moreover, a semi-covert mission that has been conducted by the Chinese government is the criminalization, defamation, subpoena and potential assassination of participants, supporters and remnants of the “1989 Tiananmen Massacre,” exemplifies the Chinese government’s brutal suppression of student demonstrators and political dissidents.

Throughout my school life in H.K. and abroad, I participated in public seminars and events that are related to striving for democracy in several academic, social and political groups. Activities I was concerned with include civic engagement projects that encourage participation in socio-political activities, elections project, academic (and research) conferences in fields of international relations, sociology (as participants and presenters) and progressive think-tank institution.

Upon my return to H.K. and to my disappointment, I realized that the extent of local democracy lags behind my expectations. Perhaps due to the failed passage of Article 23 (H.K. Basic Law) which could imprison democratic protesters for life, the police in H.K. (as well as many of their counterparts in some institutions under the Security Bureau) have collectively become a typical “political tool” of political repression. They attempt to demonize and defame a majority of propellers and embracers of democracy, basic human rights and those associated with freedom. In doing so, they adopt unethical and immoral means to attach unrealistic labels of criminality to democrats in order to restrain the exercise of civil and political rights, as if they are perpetrating “white terror” as noted by many H.K. citizens.

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