Social media: A common activity

no picture Elhachemi Sabi
Inscrit le 1 juillet 2014
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Using social media is one of the most common activities among today's youth. A recent survey in the U.S. shows that 51% of teenagers log on to their favorite social network at least once a day and that 22% of young people do more than 10 times daily (Common Sense Media, 2009). Sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, which have developed at high speed during recent years are proving highly popular with young people, especially because they offer them the opportunity to be entertained, but also to communicate between them

The effects of using social media is the possibility to develop social skills and improve communication. It gives us a greater opportunity to learn more .

Social Media also provides a space suitable for interaction among the parties of the society and contributed significantly to the promotion of the status of women by offering them the possibility to comments freely and easily .. honestly .. I learned a lot thanks to the means of social media and I became familiar with all news ... and it helped us (friends) a lot in the launch of several youth projects through dialogue across social networking websites.

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