Some Ways to Deal with Stress

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We often lose the time to express ourselves and having fun because a lot of work and many problems in it. Deadlines and all the pressure that comes from the environment also adds the difficulty in ourselves. Those are the things that sometimes cause stress in a person. Stress is a part of the community in productive age, due to many activities that require us to finish it. We've been in a situation where we are supposed to do a lot of activities within a limited time, so we lose the time for ourselves. Actually, the stress can’t be avoided, considering everyone has a job and the things to be completed. However, the level of stress in a person can be reduced by doing some simple things below.

Know the Limitations of Yourself

In this case, we should be able to say "no" to ourselves. For example, a student who has many assignments from lecturers and a side job as a member of an organization. He should be able to say "no" to the job that can’t be done in a limited time and distinguish between "Should" and "Must". We must put first, the works or activities that he"must do". So that, we can use the time efficiently; prioritize the works that he "must do" and then followed with the "should do". We also need to be able to take control of our environment. If the traffic jam makes us stress, we should be able to find out when we have to drive without going through those roads and when we have to choose those roads.

Expressing your “Stress” in A Good Way

We have to believe, that any situation can be altered. Stress can be reduced if we believe that stress is a part of our life and can be handled by the assumption that stress is our friend. If the stress spreading in ourselves, we better express it rather than keep it and think about it. Use the break time to share what we feel. With friends or our family by doing the activity such as jogging, cycling or having lunch together. Moreover, we can also do our hobby, such as singing, dancing, painting, reading etc. Because after refreshing, the energy will be raised back and we will be easier to finish the job. Remember, in facing problems, we should never hide behind. We must be the person who stands in front of our own problems to deal with it. We must do the best to prevent and anticipate the problems.

Good Foods and Exercise

We have to consume the foods with good nutrition. Foods that can quickly replace the energy but not give the bad effects to our body. Instead of drinking soda, we are better consuming a date palm that contains enough glucose and easily restore energy. Exercise regularly is also one way to relieve stress. The other example is, when we have to stay awake till the late night to do lots of work, we better eat an apple rather than drink coffee and sugar.

As I said before, stress can’t be avoided if a person has a lot of work to be done with so many problems in it. However, the level of stress can be reduced, If we are able to understand how to deal with it. Stay happy and positive!!

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