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Its been residing in your mind since the moment you woke up this morning, you can almost taste the salt of the golden French fries on your lips, will it be a Big Mac or a Quarter pounder – you can’t decide so why not have both, the thought of this delicious McDonalds delight consumes your mind. You’re finally at the till – an order away from the meal you’ve been dreaming of, you tilt your head down for a second in disbelief that you’ve made but in that moment you see – it. Stagnant upon the counter lies a measly little tin can reading donate and save starving children. You’ve been completely thrown off; – the thought of this heavenly fast food nosh has been replaced with an influx of guilt. The starving children have ruined McDonalds for you.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that up to 870 million people worldwide are suffering from chronic undernourishment. That means one in ever eight people worldwide is starving. Starvation is a severe deficiency in caloric energy, nutrient, and vitamin intake, this is the most extreme form of malnourishment, which in most cases inevitably leads to organ damage and even death, this occurs in developing countries

These are nations where the average income is much lower than in industrial nations, where the economy relies on a few export crops, and where farming is conducted by primitive methods. In many developing nations, rapid population growth threatens the supply of food leaving people with little or nothing to eat. But why am I telling you this, this won’t change the fact that every five seconds a child dies from starvation or the reality that the world is facing a hunger crisis unlike anything it has seen in more than 50 years. I’m telling you this because we’ve reached a day an age of rapid global development, with the rise of Internet technology, smart phones, computers and social networks, information has become accessible at the click of a button we’re able to share and gain information from people all around the world creating business and innovations to suit the needs of wants of an array of individuals but even through this rapid development, even in this innovative and assertive world in which we’re currently living we’re still struggling to keep food on everybody’s plates and for this reason the United Nations have set Millennium goals which are to be reached by 2015, the purpose of these goals are to end poverty, these goals also include the eradication of world hunger, however its already 2013 and with a year and a half left to achieve these goals the statistics haven’t changed much.

People ask why?

I’ll tell you why, its because this is definitely not a matter of whether or not we have the resources to educate people on what’s happening in the world or whether or not we have the assets to eradicate world hunger, no this is a matter concerning values of the people of today. Throughout our global development we’ve lost grip on our core principals we’ve opened ourselves to gathering information and education but we’ve forgotten the importance of sharing it with others we’ve become too accustomed to the luxuries of life and neglected lessons such as it is better to give than to receive, the world has become so caught up in developing that we’re in a race against ourselves however we can’t even begin to look toward the finish line because we are missing crucial fundamentals that will insure the furtherance of this global development to which we’re aspiring for and the reason for this is because of a combination of three factors. I-P-P,(1) information (2) participation(3) perseverance, IPP.

Firstly, Information is described as facts provided or learned about something or someone, I’ve already established the certitude that there is information out there and it is very easily applicable however, the problem is that the information which we’ve chosen to access and affiliate ourselves with is the wrong information. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how many plastic surgery procedures Joan Rivers has undergone but there has to be a balance between the intake of what’s entertaining and what’s effective. Many people don’t realise that we don’t have to only use social networks such as Twitter or Facebook to update people on how you just drank a chocolate milkshake and it tasted great, no these social networks are a foothold for us to share important information and educate one another on what is happening in our world today. Information is the key to knowledge and knowledge is power and keeping in mind that we only have 18 months left to reach this goal we have to act fast and take heed to the seriousness of the information in order to conquer our situation.

Secondly the first “P” in IPP – perseverance, Rome wasn’t built in a day so world hunger and poverty won’t end in a day however I bet it took a long time with a lot of hard work and tenacity in order to build the great city, so if we wish to reach our goal in which our planet is free from poverty we will all have to push forward preserver – and the fact that we’re pressed for time shouldn’t make us lose morale but rather encourage us to gain momentum and act, find out what it is that we must do to ensure that poverty and hunger come to an end and strive to reach it. Perseverance is the secret of all great triumphs.

Thirdly the second “P” which is participation, we’re all in this together, and for that reason we should help one another and work together, every great achievement includes a number of people working together, even if you’re not on the forefront of the United Nations campaigning to end poverty and world hunger, your contributions are still necessary – you’re participation is still vital. Whether it is through donations or just supporting and helping spread awareness, each person participating makes a difference. Over the years we’ve lost our drive to work together globally to reach these goals, people transfer all responsibility onto the government, and although the government pays a vital role the fundamentals of information, participation and perseverance are useless unless you’re willing to act.

There’s a difference between saying one and today there’s a difference between acting one day and acting today the millennium goal to eradicate extreme poverty and end world hunger has been set, we can’t procrastinate if this goal is to be achieved – all of our efforts and all our actions are essential. We’ve received this mandate from the United Nations and it’s one, which we need to fulfil. Success is the accomplishment of a purpose, and because we’ve purposed in our minds that we want to become a technological world full of innovations and improvement we must first end these huge problems such as poverty, because then we’re able to all see eye to eye and make a huge global impact. Without taking these measures half the world is left blind, so if mankind is to become completely developed we need to take these steps, insuring the well-being of every individual worldwide, and it is because of that reason we should universally broaden our horizons, and become aware poverty and world hunger and make it our focus to eradicate it, so we can move forward.

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