Spend At Least One Dollar On A Child in Need


Inscrit le 19 mars 2012
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Even the smallest amount of money can make a big impact on someone living in poverty. However, each year, people are spending more money on themselves. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself but what I don't understand is why people don't donate AT LEAST one dollar to charity and spend AT LEAST one dollar on a child who is starving to death. Spend AT LEAST one dollar on a child who is getting abused. I mean, it isn't rocket science: a small amount of money goes to a great cause!

I am starting to wonder if things will ever get better. Every time I look at the news I see things getting worse and worse. Is this simply because things have to get worse to get better or because no one is even trying to help the children in need? One dollar placed in one of those charity tins you see in the supermarkets can make a big difference. Just do it!


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