Spiritual land grabbing

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It's so nice and great to have massive land space for spiritual purposes where you commune with your maker (God) in solace and enrich yourself spiritually. One thing keeps beating my imagination, that is the acquisition of large land for such purposes when local community people need lands for farming purposes and they are not given land by their community leaders.

We keep fighting and speaking against multinational corporations and government establishments claiming indigenous land spaces for their mining. These are selfish and developmental purposes, yet we fail to realize that a new phase of such land grabbing episodes has emerged and it’s from a spiritual perspective. Ask me what this is, but I can't really say. I just believe it is a new form of land grabbing where massive land is acquired by churches at a cheap rate for prayer grounds and camp sites which are later turned into business ground rather than what was initially proposed. However, the congregation is still struggling to survive.

Some have no jobs to sustain themselves and families are feeding from hand to mouth. They contribute for the upkeep of their spiritual leaders and their families because they believe that lies within their eternal blessings.

They give their offerings and tithe faithfully and willingly out of a cheerful heart because they know and believe that the Lord blesses a cheerful giver and sometimes they are obliged to contribute specially with various kinds of conditions attached to it. They become lean due to lack of food, malnutrition and hunger that prompt them in a spiritual exercise of fasting and prayers. The so called leaders and their families are fat and wallow in affluence with flashy cars and armed security men as body guards.

If I may ask, where was it stated that Jesus Christ had armed body guards or security men? I am yet to find that out.

With the current emergency of acquiring massive lands, the majority of these churches have converted these lands to privately owned business grounds where they build their private mansions, schools, day care centers, universities and guest houses which at most times the congregations cannot afford the exuberant fees paid in these schools and guest houses.

As a Christian / believer I am not judging anyone, but I am trying to create a scenario where these houses of God and men of God will take up the challenges of fighting and eradicating poverty from their congregation by actually turning these massive prayer grounds or part of it into agricultural lands in other to alleviate the suffering of the masses and their congregation.

In the past the church was a ground for the rescue of souls, rendering support for those in need, criticizing and addressing corruption in the nation and society but these days the church leaders are the major ones that play key roles in the politics of the nation. Organizing prayer sessions for corrupt leaders who in their life time may not have visited the four walls of a church building and sometimes they even have dinners and luncheons with them rather than preaching a message of repentance and salvation to them. If they asked about this they will tell you that Jesus Christ eats with scribes and the Pharisees so they can do the same.

They have turned their places of worship into great channels and grounds for political campaigns and solidarity movements when Christ, during His days, destroyed the tables of the money changers and others in the temple enlightening them that His house is a place of prayer and not for money changing and den of thieves (Matthew 21:13).

The church has now become a place where the congregation is compelled to vote for particular candidates rather than the candidate of their choice, which it is not suppose to be. In the past, Men of God, were meek and gentle, they are always neutral in their dealings and non partisans, something totally different from what we see today “radical Christians and leaders” all in the name of the violent ones taken by force (Matthew 11:12).

These days Men of God now visit presidential lodges and international conferences as though they are personal assistants to the president, some even have permanent lodgings at the government's guest house.

They have become so consumed by their loss and quest for material things rather than the things of God which have prompted them to acquire massive community lands for themselves all in the name of spiritual camp ground. They no longer seek God as was commanded in Matthew 6:33, rather they seek self riches forgetting the fact that seeking God first adds every other thing to your life.

It’s high time men of God and church leaders to sit up and address the issue of poverty in the nation. In the midst of their congregation and by careful thinking by sorting out a way to save humanity from extreme poverty, leads to the destruction of their souls, as stated in the bible book of proverbs that “the destruction of the poor is their poverty”(proverbs 10:15). As the bible made it known to us that the lips of the righteous feeds many,(proverbs 10:21a).

It’s high time that we as individuals, Christians and church leaders find a possible solution to avert the menance of poverty which is one of the root causes of all evil, corruption and social vices in our socity prsently. Ensuring that our environment is conducive for living because it was not so from the begining, God’s divine purpose for saving us is for us to save our world from all the oppressions of the enemy (satan and his cohorts) and not to aid them in destroying mankind and his environment.

Think about these things and make a change for the better because you are an agent of change to your world. Don’t fail in this responsibility, as posterity will not forgive you if you fail to do that which is right.

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