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Hey guys!

This post is just to assure you that I am still alive and well (:

I have been pretty busy with exams.

I'm writing my last exam for the term tomorrow so I'm looking forward to posting with more frequency!

Things I'm happy about this week:

1) The "re-boot" of Internet activism.

I'm sure you've all seen the ALS ice bucket challenge that has succeeded in raising donations within a few days to the ALS foundation by millions of dollars and has helped raise awareness on Lou Gehrig's disease. Maybe all VOY bloggers should take part and upload a video ;)
This is one excellent example of how the Internet (and social networks) can positively change lives

2) Social networks

Despite the fact that social networks do have their uses, I deleted my FB profile (the only social network I was on). Kate's heads up on the FB new app update to "listen" to what one is watching/listening to was the straw that broke the camel's back. I must say that I have an influx of free time that I had not conciously realised was spent on FB. In a way I also feel more free/ happier, which correlates with the studies and opinons that say social networks have become pissing contests and make people sadder (due to living a "normal" life and not the life led by Dan Bilzerian or the bloke that climbed his third mountain or is doing his third year abroad etc etc)

3) Raphael Fellmer

A true hero! The German man living his life WITHOUT MONEY!
Perhaps a tad bit extreme, but the idea behind it should be lauded. Raphael was fed up with the extremely wasteful manner that most of us live today and wanted to raise awareness on the same. He was fed up with the consumer system and mentality and believes that society can be better without money. In his own words, " Geld blockiert unseren Geist, unsere Kreativität und unser Herz".
"Money blocks our Soul, our creativity and our heart". Read more about him here:





4) Regret from the man that invented the first pop ad about the state of the Internet today and the possible way out

Very interesting read but it's extremely sad that the only way out seems to be paying for your privacy. I find the very notion laughable. Pay not to be tracked... but it's the sad reality.

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