Story of a girl

no picture Alaa M. Attia
Inscrit le 28 juin 2014
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I was working in a primary health care unit with my colleagues, that is located in a rural area in my city in Egypt. I was taking information from a patient and she was about 13 years old. When I asked her about her education she said that she left school a year ago. I was shocked when I heard that and I asked her why but she didn't want to tell me anything because her mother was with her. I thought that it was her mother who forced her to leave school. The girl came to me alone and said "one day I was walking back home from school and there was a group of guys who sexually harassed me, and after that I decided not to leave home alone and or go to school".

I was shocked again because this girl left school and prefers not to continue her education because of her sexual harassment incident. She is not alone in a country who was subjected to sexual harassment. Many girls in Egypt suffer from this problem and they feel weak and helpless.

We need to support those girls, we need to make them feel strong and overcome such accidents. Sexual harassment is considered one of the endemic problems in Egypt we need to fight against it. So, I decided to share this everywhere and to fight for the girls of my country.

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