Street Children in India

no picture Khams Zotal
Inscrit le 31 octobre 2012
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There are many children around the globe who want to get away from their parents; they don't appreciate what it means to be in the warms hand of their parents.

In India many children are abandoned by their parents due to poverty. Often the children stay in the streets where they often can’t even have food to eat and wear a the same clothes for more than a year. The last option for underprivileged children is to steal and pickpocket. Often if they get money by chance, they use it to buy intoxicated things in order to overcome their depressions. People often look down on street children and discriminate them instead of helping just even once. Children are the pillar of the world; they need guidance and protection to become peace advocates.

So, let us pray for the street children in India~ Khams Zotal( 22)

Pictures: The pictures have been taken during my fieldwork in Reach Shillong Ministries (RSM),Shillong, India on 22nd September 2012,

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