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'Letters from Spain' by Alfonso Ponce.

'Letters from Spain' by Alfonso Ponce.

When a person grows up, this person begins to take important decisions in his or her own life. One of the most important decisions - and the best - that a teenager can take is to study abroad.

Although it’s an experience with advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, you open your mind to the world. You can discover different cultures and learn about the people from others countries. It is not the same to have been born in the United States and travel to study in India, than to be born in India and travel to study in the United States. The best thing is to share experiences, share your culture and learn about others. We are living in an age when the contacts and personal richness open many doors of opportunity.

Another advantage is that, in addition to meeting new people, you can visit new places too. In both experiences you become a fellow of Herodotus in the search of hiding places and the knowledge of the truth. One tip is to visit the best museums and go to the historic sites. You can walk where philosophers and generals trod and be in cities that gave birth to characters that changed the course of history.

Although doing things for oneself is seen as a disadvantage, is not it. In fact, becoming more responsible and independent is one of the biggest advantages of going to study abroad. For example, one of these is that one can learn how be neater and cleaner. Being forced to do things that your Mom did for you, prepares you for life. Another is that you learn to cook for yourself and discover that making homemade pizzas has never been so much fun. If you're lucky and love cooking, you can become a great chef. Last but not least, is that having so many things to do, you become more organized. Also we have to remember that doing too much too soon is an indicator of an efficient person.

The first disadvantage is the economic factor. Studying abroad is a bit expensive, but it depends on the destination. You can always look for grants and scholarships from universities or foundations that can match up with the decision that you have taken.

Forgetting the disadvantages, in case you do manage to get a scholarship another big disadvantage and one of the reasons why many people leave the dream is the homesickness. Homesickness for our family and the flavors of home are often a problem. Luckily we have Skype and on sale many products of different origins in supermarkets, you just have to look!. It's better not think about it. This is not to negate the thoughts and sentiments, it's about having your head in the place in which you are living and sharing moments with those with whom you are living.

In conclusion, study abroad is not just a decision and not just an option for those who can. It is the best decision that you can take. And, if you need more reasons, check this:

Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.

- Wendell Berry

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