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Dear youths all around the world, my warm greetings to you all. This is a subsequent post of my previous one titled ‘Youth for Change’ (Y4C). As I already mentioned, my idea and concept of Y4C is to inform, inspire and involve youths all around the world as agents of change in their communities through inter-disciplinary social development projects. I strongly believe that when we youths unite together we can bring a positive flow of transformation which in turn gives a positive change.

This article, in support of Y4C is all about educational transformation that can be initiated in the world for peace and development which are in line with harmony of Mother Nature.

The educational crisis:

I would like to explain the importance of this issue considering Indian scenario, of an estimated 140 million children in the age group 6-14 years in primary schools, 50% cannot read simple words or solve simple arithmetic problems. Imagine the future of a child who can’t read a simple sentence at age 10! And, the future of a nation where 50% children finish primary school without learning basic arithmetic or reading! India is currently facing one of the worst educational crises in the world. Our classrooms are understaffed, low-enthusiastic teachers, high drop-out rate, and too many other factors involved. This is just a scenario in India. What about the whole world? Our nations are too busy in strengthening their defense technology, our scientists are busily engaged with so-called highly confidential government projects, and most societies either ignore it or unaware of it.

As with any challenge or crisis, we can either accept it as a fact of life or treat it as an opportunity to create change. Yes, an opportunity to act before it is too late and to change the course world nations! We know the reasons. If we don’t correct our mistakes and improve the education system, then whose mistake it is? We should realize that if we don’t worry about the next generation, then we are digging our own graves!

TEMI idea:

Here is my idea to end up this crisis; it is Y4C-TEMI – Teach Empower Motivate Inspire

TEMI’s aim is to improve the educational opportunities for homeless children, orphans and economically poor children, from KG till settling in life. Our goal is to shrink the gaps in their education, provide them with the highest level of education possible, and uniting all through Youth for Change platform. TEMI will serve as a consistent support system to those children at a time of great stress and fear. We bring the message to our students that they are cared about and important.

TEMI vision:

The vision is to:

• Empower the underprivileged, homeless, orphaned children with education and values through regular mentoring, possibly one-on-one mentoring

• Spread the importance of education among the people and eradicate any inequalities in education

• Implementing the Rights to Education globally and demanding affordable education for all

• Framing special life-skills syllabus that composes of moral values and ethics

Education – According to me!

Merely having an academic degree doesn't mean that one is educated. A good education does not just teach you how to earn and settle in life. A good education is the one which makes you think intellectually, which makes you to understand the root cause of any problems, which gives you courage and confidence against all odds, which imparts ethics in every step human moves.

Education goes far beyond writing your name, or reading a book. It is truly about transforming the entire nation.

Educate to end crisis:

A lack of education is the root of several major issues in India, and the right education for all our citizens has the potential to solve all these problems at one time. If we educate people in the right way, citizens will gain the necessary skills to survive in a competitive world. This would lead to better paying jobs and a higher standard of living, hence solving the crisis of poverty, our citizens will have a broader mindset. This would lead to greater tolerance and an appreciation for all religions, hence solving the crises of religious violence and caste discrimination, our citizens will be able to better understand the negative repercussions and immoral nature of fraudulent activities, hence solving the crisis of corruption and other crimes, our citizens will shy away from radical ideologies and will not be acquiesced easily, hence solving the crisis of terrorism, our citizens will gain a moral conscience, and realize the worth of a human life and the position of women in society, hence solving the crisis of human rights violations and respect women rights throwing patriarchal dominance.

What we can do?

The foremost step we can do is forming a team comprising dynamic and energetic youths from all parts of the world. With the help of internet technology together we shall frame a common education materials and region-specific education materials with respect to TEMI vision. Once our network forms and we get the materials ready, we shall go ahead to form a study centre for the poor children in any convincing place. Based on volunteer strengths and interests we will go for group mentoring or one-on-one mentoring to the children, not just for a month or year, but for the whole life; at least till they settle in life with good education. We will monitor the status every week and support will be garnered through our Y4C network. Our Y4C-TEMI team will work close with the children to get their educational requirements satisfied and to keep them in line through regular motivation. This chain of mentorship will definitely create educational transformation all around the world and will help to maintain peace, most importantly uniting youths by breaking all the human made barriers.

Let us start discussing and planning for the TEMI initiative creating hope in all hearts. If you have any opinions, suggestions and interested to join Y4C, post your questions or comments below or please email to shamrockfoundations@gmail.com

Currently our team from Chennai is working to create the TEMI education materials on English learning, Good manners, Healthy body and Science with 70% of works completed successfully.

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