Teach Them From Early Age That Smoking Kills

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Inscrit le 13 août 2012
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The act of smoking has been an issue and controversy globally. It has been estimated that there are more than 1.3 billion smokers worldwide, with around 82 percent residing in low and middle-income countries. In people over age 30, smoking accounts for one in every five deaths among men and one in every 20 deaths among women globally (data source: ash fact sheets). So many people regret smokers choice to smoke cigarettes; a conscience act of taking a step closer to death, while on the other hand, others argue that it is everyone's right to smoke and we should not interfere their pursuit of happiness.

I am not going to argue whether or not smoking should be banned worldwide, because I profoundly believe that adults have their own right to decide and they are mature enough to think more before spending their money on something that will only damage their body (other than the 'satisfaction' of inhaling tar and nicotine, of course), moreover it is not my ultimate reason to publish this post.

I am deeply concerned with the fact that plenty of children underage in my country, Indonesia, actively smoke cigarettes. I saw it on TV about a year ago ago, it was broadcasted on a national news programme. Someone happened to post a video of a 4 year old children smoking and swearing, and it really riveted the attention of my whole country. It turns out that the little boy on that youtube video (which had been removed now) is only the tip of the iceberg. Numerous news programme aired and exposed the stories of 4-8 years old children who actively smoke in various region of Indonesia. They smoke 2 packs of cigarettes daily, on average.

I couldn't stop cringing as I keep on picturing in mind how their small lungs are polluted by thousands of chemical waste daily. We all know that the tragic health consequences of tobacco consumption and the highly addictive nature of nicotine in cigarettes, and now those problems are afflicting 4 year old children.

There were enough warnings on cigarette packages telling that smoking can cause cancer, cardiovascular diseases, fertility problems and many more, and I had no idea why the parents of these children cannot prevent their children from smoking. The parents should have warned the kids, but their answers were all the same 'we cannot say 'no' to our beloved son.', what an answer.

The other irony is the fact that this phenomenon is occurring in a developing country- where lots of people are still struggling to fight against poverty. If a pack of cigarette worth 10.000 (1 USD) and these children regularly smoke 2 packs a day, it will cost 60 USD a month, resulting in 720 USD a year, more than enough to pay school fee for 12 months, we can even buy plenty of nice uniform and educational books with the change- in Indonesia. What a waste of money.

I am sure that most of you want to have children someday, or maybe some of you already are, at the moment. Being a passive smoker is bad, being an active smoker is worse. We should together raise the consciousness and awareness about the danger of smoking to children, whatever the way is.

If parents worldwide are able to tell their children that ghost will come and haunt little kids when they are being naughty, I am sure that they have the similar ability to teach their beloved children about the danger of smoking.

Save more, save earlier.

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