Thank You VOY Community for Making us #VOYHappy

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Photo Courtesy: UNICEF Central African Republic & UNICEF

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF Central African Republic & UNICEF

To celebrate International Day of Happiness, we asked what makes you happy. Your responses have been truly amazing so we wanted to share some of them with you! Keep up your #VOYHappy throughout the week, a #HappyDay shouldn't end here.

Beyad: Happiness is knowing where I come from, believing in my dreams and helping others believe in their dreams. #VOYhappy

Chima, Nigeria: Showing & Receiving True Love at all times is my recipe for Happiness. ‪#VOYhappy

Bella: happiness is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed :) ‪#VOYHappy

Sophie: parents, music & good grades makes me happy ;) ‪#VOYHappy

Iris: putting a smile on someone's face makes me smile...makes me happy !!

Aulia, Indonesia: spread your smile and laugh at least for 5 persons a day. Sure you'll be happy in the end of the day :) ‪#VOYhappy

Palak, Australia: Happiness is when you try to be good at everything, loves parents and help the needy. ‪#VOYhappy

Isna: smile from all the people around me, beautiful nature, delicious food and peaceful life in all around the world. ‪#VOYHappy

Rizky, Indonesia: good foods, beautiful places, friends, family. Not to mention, be thankful of what u have is a secret of happiness ‪#VOYHappy

Francisca Lily, UK: helping people is what makes me happy! :D It's the BEST feeling in the world! #VOYHappy

Zivile, Lithuania: Happiness is when you see things positively no matter how hard life is + smile. Happy Int. Day of Happiness! Smile! #VOYHappy

Check out some of the happy selfies below from @UNICEFGuinea!

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