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First of all, congratulations for all of you. This article is for all the youth voices around the world!


You are what you want to be!

Nothing can stop you, scare and make you change your goals. Sometimes, you feel invincible and infinite. You have ideas and you make your own ideals. You feel that incurable desire to change the world, to debate global issues, you make your own opinion, you want to help and be helped.

You want to leave your mark on this world and you show to everyone that you are not another one conforming in the silence.

You have an incredible voracity with your best and greatest weapon, the words.

And you want to be recognized for it.

They are called "Lights of youth".

Most adults will tell you " that your desire will go away as you grow and all the young people have it, but then they forget". And it's true, all that adults have wanted to change the world.

Look around you.

Supose that the women who works at the supermarket dreamed to be a doctor and volunteering but she gave up.

Supose that the old man who spends hours on a park bench of your city dreamed of being a congressman and fight for equal rights but he gave up.

Supose that the middle-aged woman who spends hours feeding and talking to pigeons, wrote speeches by the night that dreamed one day do but she gave up.

Supose that you give up.. Imagine how poor the world would be without your contribution, your voice, your opinion... But I'm sure that you can't give up. AND YOU DON'T! :)

So .. dream, realize your goals, your points, Become an active voice, a voice of youth. ;) And SCREAM, BUT SCREAM LOUDLY TO THE WORLD AND SAY THAT YOU ARE ALIVE AND YOU'LL CHANGE IT IN THE SMALLEST THINGS THAT MAKE THE BIG ONES.

And if being young is having this light, do not let your light be extinguished.

Do me a favor, make your voice a weapon , but a weapon so powerful that no audacity can shut up!

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