The Ambiguity of the Female Youth

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Inscrit le 13 juin 2014
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Cinderella Anena

Cinderella Anena

I am thinking aloud about the ambiguity of the category of female youth.
“There is still the belief that as a woman, if you are not married, you are not
complete. And when a girl is married, she is not considered as youth even if she
is young.” There are several reasons for this,

1) Young women’s position in community and family is one viewed as of very little authority.

2) The ambiguity of the category of female youth.

3) Young women being only considered to be youth until marriage or pregnancy, which often happens at a rather early age in Uganda. After that they move into the category of married women and are thus seldom targeted by youth organizations.

4) Often, women groups and organisations are usually dominated by 'elder' women. To me, this situation leaves little space for young women’s involvement in civil society. Their participation is hampered by low education levels, cultural and religious hindrances for women’s participation, and their heavy domestic workloads.

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