The bloody death of a despotic leader


Inscrit le 16 septembre 2011
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I was skeptical when it was announced that Gaddafi had died. I saw it first on Facebook. And then suddenly, sites like CNN and Al-Jazeera started reporting it, but they were still wary over his death, stating that 'it has not been confirmed yet'.

The reasons to why I was skeptical was because NATO forces had been trying to locate him for more than 5 months but each air raid had been unsuccessful. So when news came that Gaddafi had succumbed to death during an surprise NATO air raid, I was quite surprised.

The next day, both the Mandarin and English paper that I subscribed had a huge picture of Gaddafi's bloody face. No headline was needed. Everyone knew who was the guy covered in blood.

Yes, the tyrannical leader had finally been brought down. But I felt that it was such a waste that he had died on assault. He could have been caught, trialled in the International Court of Justice and then perhaps impose life-long sentence on him in an maximum security prison. Or perhaps use the death penalty.

But no, he has just been killed, like that. He has died, still believing that his actions were right and the Western world is evil. Most of his family members, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters were not spared from this ongoing air raids. Not to mention the innocent civilians who has died in action. They live in constant fear everyday for they know that one bomb from the sky can kill all of them.

Gaddafi needs to be brought to the face of justice and be dealt according. Killing him instantly is as though letting him escape using the easy way out. They could have caught him and then hanged him, like how they dealt with Saddam Hussein.

Libya is finally free from the clutches of a despotic leader, but much is needed to be done to build Libya to a strong, independent nation again.

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