The day I signed the Declaration of Equality's for Muslim women.

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This is the second time I have posted this. I am posting it again because what I am talking about is very important to me and many other people.

I don't think at the time I truly understood the importance of what was happening that day in Seneca Falls, NY. I was in 1840s dress, My Mom was portraying Elizabeth Cady Stanton, And there was a declaration to be signed.

It was Convention Days 2014.

I met Nadia Shahram who was leading a movement for Muslim women. After my Mom (as Elizabeth Cady Stanton) read the Declaration of Sentiments, Nadia and the other leaders of her group read the Declaration of Equalities. It was powerful. We then went out-side to sign the Declaration of Equalities (the re-Declaration of Sentiments was to be signed at a different time that day). I stood in line with my Mom and Aunt, Not too sure what was truly happening. I just knew that I agreed with what the declaration said and I was going to sign it. (My signature looked horrible, Just as it had when I signed the re-Declaration of Sentiments). I am beginning to realize now how big this really was. I am happy to be able to say that I was there.

Here is the declaration:

More about Nadia Shahram and the movement here:

And here:

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