The Environmental Crisis, Can it be Solved?


Inscrit le 10 novembre 2011
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In the United States, almost 50 percent of the electricity comes from coal, a sedimentary rock that pollutes quite a lot. A way to completely eliminate the use of polluting energy sources to fuel cars and to produce electricity should be, in my opinion, humans’ number one priority to solving the problems in our world. There are many types of ways to achieve clean energy, as well as many new ideas being constantly formulated, and imagined by people around the world, and I think that's great! A method that scientists are estimating will take many years to perfect is named nuclear fusion. This is initially a way of recreating the sun on earth in a, hopefully, safe way. Yet in my eyes, I would much rather see the use of methods involving the actual sun, the waves, and the wind. Solar panels are increasingly becoming more efficient as science progresses as it seems to do quite often, and turbines in the ocean that harness the strength and power of waves could be a possible way to collect energy. As I journey around France every summer, I gaze up out of the car window to watch the impressive wind turbines “éolienne” and I hope that someday, the technology will allow us humans to be able to rely on weather, just like how the earth in a way is relying on us to respect it more than we are now. Depletion of the ozone layer is dangerous for all life on earth. The largest recorded hole was recorded in 2006 and was larger than Antarctica. So lets get a move one with this clean energy!

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