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Inscrit le 27 février 2012
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The world is a wonderful place, it has green lands, seas, mountains, and so much more. But this wonderful place, is slowly getting destroyed by human beings.Despite cutting down trees is also contributing to destroying earth, to clear a forest and make it into a living and residential area is unavoidable, as the human population is getting larger day by day, they need places to live. Cutting down trees clearing a forest for humans to live there is already a part of destroying the earth, other words, sacrificing for the humans. But why humans do not appreciate the sacrifice and creating the unnecessary pollution to destroy the earth? Like some factories that do not dispose their chemical waste properly, they dispose it to the river and ignore what will happen to the river. I assume that they should know that the river is a source of drinking and water supplies to every human beings, but I certainly do not understand why do they still continue on with what they are doing? Don't they aware that the drinking water they consume might even contain the chemical waste they disposed to the river? Further more, we all know that what is happening to the Northern states. The north is mostly cold states, which is winter all the time. With the increasing temperature of the earth, the ice mountains and lands in the northern states are melting very quickly, which leads to the rising of the sea level. The rising of the sea level is dangerous to all habitats all around the world. Mainly it causes flood, and if a tsunami hits a country, the damage would be two times more due to the sea level. So, we as humans should conserve, save the planet. We know that trees are vital resources for the things we use in our everyday life ,we can reduce the cutting down of trees by the 3 R's concept, reduce, reuse and recycle. we should help save the earth anyway we can,

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