The First 2014 OneMinutesJr!

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Happy New Year VOY!

We have this year's first OneMinutesJr! Many of you told us about your year in review, how it ROCKED, and lessons we learned and could take with us in the future. Some of you even told us your goals for 2014. Keeping along with the theme of the New Year, goals, and looking forward- we bring you this OMJ! In his OneMinutesJr. video, 17 year old Fortune Makoni from Zimbabwe, takes matters into his own hands. WATCH it here-

Behind the video..

Meet Fortune Makoni from Zimbabwe. He has an incredible spirit and ambition. He actively works to make things happen, especially when it comes to something he loves - such as photography and design. Despite being only 17, he designs his own t-shirts, has them produced and sells them. He is an enterprising young man who will surely succeed in life!

Thursdays are always OMJ!

For those of you who aren't familiar with what the's "an arts-based video initiative that seeks to capture the voices and expressions of youth on issues and subjects important to them." For more on what the OneMinutesJr. is, check out our interview with Karen Cirillo who coordinates the OneMinutesJr. at UNICEF:

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