The Future is Our Right


Inscrit le 10 octobre 2011
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We often understand the "future" as everything that is coming and is this that awakens us as young people a certain level of intrigue in these times, We don’t really know what to expect for the next 20 years and gradually started to lose hope in the international agreements signed by our countries, as these have shown us with his attitude that a lot for these commitments are carried real terms, so that in this way the word is translated into action that will ensure the construction of a sustainable lifestyle.

The future is something we build into every moment of our lives, so that everything we do or fail to do today will undoubtedly have implications for the future and determine individual behavior and the development lifestyle that we have. As young people we must focus in the issue that “the future is our right” and that what our habits must change gradually, the laws will change as we do the same, and are keeping with the times in which we live and the future we want. The next October humanity came to 7mil million individuals, which invite us to act from this moment to be able to take a course together filled with responsibilities, freedoms and commitments that we can meet without affecting the development of future generations, and even our own.

We have evolved from the hand of our planet; let us remember that it is the humanity that is in danger, not the planet. As a species we are really threatened by our own cause, today we can not say that we are better prepared to face a possible extinction as has happened to other species throughout history, seems that we have not learned much about the disappearance of civilizations as the case of the people Rapanui (Easter Island Chile) which has recently been concluded that ... "The reasons behind of the catastrophe in the civilization of Easter Island are complex, but essential parts of the fact that the exhaustion of finite resources, including food and construction materials, which caused a major famine and the collapse of their society ".... (William Basener, 2010)

In recent years we have seen as the health and the freedom of the presents generations has been directly affected because no steps were taken to avoid the consequences that many countries, peoples and individuals are suffering around the world, just by looking at the situation on the so-called "environmental refugees" who due to a strong environmental impact, resulting in total or partial destruction of ecosystems and other weather situations, which are often produced in other countries, but they are forced to leave their territories. As young people we need to assume that all actions and decisions we make in a conscious and free, must necessarily be based on ethical treatment of all beings who inhabit this planet, where the ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity to prevail over private interests.

Our duty as young people should not be traced simply to protest and complain, we need to give the example and we can be as equal to integrated and work cooperatively among ourselves, the intolerance and disrespect for diversity are key factors that trust between us is not the best and that is precisely why is that internationally we have been unable to achieve real and binding agreements. We must remember that "The law is the will binding autarkic and inviolable" (Stammler). As is the power we have as human beings to develop our activities to other individuals without this means of killing or exploitation of some by others.

It is not a secret that to change the world we must begin by changing ourselves; we must assert our universal condition of freedom, where we can coexist through a binding regulation of our external action as a country. While the mistake is part of human nature, that is not an excuse for unsustainable development patterns that limit the long term and even condemn us. This is the moment where we need to assert our status as rational beings, which we always want to live better and in this moment that can´t be above the law and the freedom of the future generations.

As young people we must understand that we are not responsible for the planet we are receiving from our parents, but for sure we are part of history being written and no doubt for a second, we need to be protagonists in the construction of the home planet that we for ourselves and future generations, where we can enjoy all the benefits afforded us by the planet without having to worry about survival as a species.

The future is our right, for the simple fact of being indivisible. We must understand that we have the right to a better future, we can start talking about evolution, we must understand that the deprivation of optimal enjoyment of natural resources for everyone in fact negatively affects us all equally, so the need to respect and protect all cultures and individuals that surround us can not aspire to respect biodiversity if we are unable to respect the diversity of thought.

We must to engage that States adopt positive measures to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights, understanding that environmental rights and the right to a future can not be subject to negotiation by purely private interests. We must understand that past, present and future consequences of what we have done and what we will do, so everything is in our hands and we have not more excuses.

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