The Nature of Womanhood

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Women are Wonderful

Women are Wonderful

I learnt from my "Women Weave the Web" page, how young ladies from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Japan and other parts of the world join forces to affect the life of women in all endeavours. Also, the AWID, a non governmental organization, in South Africa, portrays the notion of feminism. I remember, when my mum stood behind me, when I came home with a cut on my head. Although I had caused the fight, she stood behind me no matter what. That is the trait of mothers today, to advocate. Every Mother will do that, whether good or bad. But these women have been neglected.

The UN board for women rights, made regulations for the betterment of young and old women. But in most parts of the world, it doesn't happen. Some widowed mothers, will want to make good meals for their children, but they can't because the government provides nothing, the environment guarantees nothing and her daily survival job, tends to nought.

Where will change come from? Women hold the world. Without them, we can't do anything. As my fellow Nigerian, Chimamanda Adichie, advocates for women's rights, let us do the same.

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