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The need for Attitudinal & Ethical re-orientation in shaping the minds of young persons cannot be over emphasized. The attitudes of a vast majority of youths towards their nation and other citizens have either been formed or further strengthened by a set of beliefs,actions or inaction of 'elders', which have been accepted as a norm; no matter how evil these actions are. It is also important to note that, these attitudes,actions and beliefs can only be changed by the acquisition of a 'higher' level of knowledge which points in another direction. It has become crystal clear that for any nation to move forward, its young citizens must be educated on the need to cultivate positive attitudes and good ethical standards towards national growth and development. Ethical re-orientation will make it possible for our youths to figure out clearly in what direction they are moving. Re-orientation will bring about a conscious effort to rethink actions before carrying them out being fully aware of the consequences of such actions.

Before any nation can fully and totally achieve peace, the mind sets of its citizens have to be put on the right track and this can only be achieved through a thorough process of re-orientation on the need to shun violence and change violence induced attitudes. The consequences of violence and wars must be clearly stated. While the process of re-orientation could be very tasking, our ethics and values MUST change if we are to collectively move our nation to greatness or achieve and sustain peace in our environments. When our ethics and values change,our attitudes towards others will definitely change too, leading to a cultivation of positive mind sets and self confidence which would make us see others as partners not rivals. Attitudinal change will make it possible for us to realize the importance of diplomacy, mediation and persuasion as opposed to violence. I believe the teaching of ethical and attitudinal lessons in our schools, would go a long way in helping us develop a nation wherein every citizen is aware of the right thing to do and also the individual and collective consequences of doing the wrong thing. In a society where doing the wrong thing is the order of the day, one where good examples are so hard to find, the re-orientation of the minds of the younger generations is a sine qua non for national development. When our thinking and attitudes towards things and people change from negative to positive, we are bound to give our best in whatever we do, for the good of those around us and our nation.

Enenim Ubon is a Biochemist, Creative Writer, Researcher, with a particular interest in socio-economic and socio-political issues. Also, a resource person in Peace, Conflict studies and Leadership.Follow him on twitter @enenimubon .

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