The newest Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Katy Perry

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My classmates and I took pictures with Katy. The first one on the left is me. We were excited!

My classmates and I took pictures with Katy. The first one on the left is me. We were excited!

The newest Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Katy Perry

By Wen Shi

Breaking news! Katy Perry is the newest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. What a wonderful and talented woman she is! She embodies several different identities: she is an actor, a singer and a songwriter, but now she also has a new identity, UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador. In this role, she will represent UNICEF to help children across the world. I’m so glad that UNICEF invited me to this special event on December 3rd. It was such a wonderful day!

UNICEF is a champion for children. UNICEF contributes to children’s development, promotes the rights of children and improves children’s lives. On December 3rd, UNICEF announced Katy Perry as the new Goodwill Ambassador. While we were waiting for Katy Perry to arrive at UNICEF House, my classmates and I watched a slideshow of Katy Perry with children in Madagascar. I was very touched by the photos in the slideshow. I could feel her kind and compassionate heart and I thought she fit in well with those children, they all had joyous faces! Through the slideshow alone, I understood why she was being chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador.

After a Q&A session, UNICEF’s Executive Director, Anthony Lake, and Katy Perry, signed their names to make it official. Congratulations to Katy! Katy Perry talked about how she felt when she was with the children in Madagascar. She explained how those children live at the top of a mountain and walk very far to get to school every day--barefoot! She said that as an advocate for children and a supporter of UNICEF, she wants to put her fame to practical action to support children.

In addition, she said, “I believe young people have the power to change their own lives, with our help.” I agree with that! Also, teenagers have the ability to change the life of other children. As Katy said, it is important to understand others. She spent her time with children and experienced life through their eyes. This is how she learned to understand them. She couldn't believe children lived in the mountain until she met them. Their life is not as developed as ours. They walk farther to school and are barefoot, it is hard to get water, they have no right to health, no equality. But those children are innocent, happy and joyful. This trip inspired her to become a Goodwill Ambassador.

Anthony Lake is also championing youth voices. Katy Perry represented UNICEF, she believes young people like us can help change children’s lives. She can use songs to inspire young people. She wants us to use our voices to speak up to help children. She is a caring Goodwill Ambassador. Every time she spoke about children, her face naturally revealed how much she cares. Additionally to hearing her speak, my classmates and I took pictures with Katy. We were excited! She is very kind and friendly. Katy is a loving Goodwill Ambassador, for sure. I hope our voices will change children’s lives. Let’s all ROAR with Katy Perry!

UNICEF Katy Perry Goodwill Ambassador

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