The power of us

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Inscrit le 26 décembre 2012
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Mauj Ki Malharein | Ft Superwoman | Gulaab Gang&#x...

I found this music video and listened to it a few times and it just made me think. Many people in the world have identified the power and success women and girls and more continue to support women and girls rights. As much as I do not understand the words, but the song clearly has a happy message! We are strong :)


Women and girls, hear this and remember.

We are strong, together we stand united.

For education and other rights we will protest peacefully and use our soft words to communicate with the world and have our needs heard.

We face many trails, but the world has yet to hear us roar.

Sisters all around the world let us rise together and raise our heads high to the sky and let us create a better world for future generations, we have the power in abundance to achieve this dream.

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