The role of business in realizing children rights.

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A business activity is any legal undertaking meant to satisfy human wants and make profits,for example Google Company.It basically plays the role of satisfying the promoters as well as the society at large. Part of its role is to realize the rights of children at different levels.Children rights,on the other hand are legal,social or ethical principles of freedom.They appear in three major categories: Provision,Protection and Participation.For instance,under the right of participation, children may be allowed to assist in making policies in an institution like a school.

In realization of the right to provision, businesses can play various roles, including provision of good health care,better standards of living, good quality education and schooling,high quality services and recreational activities. Because businesses render these products, they have an influence on the dispensation of these rights. In order for businesses to favorably and effectively realize these rights they should indulge children and youths. The same way service providers offer customer care services to their clients, children and youths shouldn't be left out. They should be regarded as clients who have a right to air their views and criticize when necessary.

Under protection of children, businesses can uphold this right by fighting exploitation of children,abuse of children and preventing discrimination. In addition, they should ensure that the safety of children is upheld and they are protected from neglect. For instance, institutions like schools offer education to children they should ensure first that children are protected from harm within the school. Companies producing products that are consumed by children and youths should be conscious of their safety. For example, the food poisoning in a school that occurred in India that led to the death of 23 children,and many casualties.The school should have given the safety of the children a priority.
Businesses can realize the right to participation by involving children and youths in decision making and in programs.This offers an opportunity for them to voice their opinions and thoughts.It is paramount that they get allowed to express themselves in pertinent business matters, hence, have their say put in consideration. They also get equipped with leadership skills like honesty and transparency that prepare them to be future stakeholders in an economy.In addition,they get educated about how things work in a business.

Business is empowering my life in various ways. It makes me creative because as a future entrepreneur , I constantly think critically on how to make, create and innovate a product. I also get an opportunity to learn various skills like problem solving, team work and analyzing. I also attain virtues like authenticity, confidence, responsibility, hardworking and accountability.For instance, Junior Achievers Club in Kenya, assisted me when I was in high school to learn various leadership skills. Such a program was funded by companies including Safaricom Company and Kenya Institute of Management.
Consumer's lives are affected by a business. What a business produces have a direct effect on a consumer. Be it services or items, their quality and quantity become a concern to the consumer. Hence, businesses must provide satisfying products and at the same time ensure quality standards are met. They also need to develop and improve the conditions of the society they serve. This can be done by creating employment,protecting the environment and raising awareness of various problems facing the society.

If I were a business person I would ensure that children rights are adhered to.This would bring a major transformation on the lives of children and brighten their future.In order to achieve this I would create awareness on areas where children rights are violated and inform the apt authority on such cases. Also, I would educate the current population on the importance of respecting these rights and fund projects that work to achieve this.
In conclusion, businesses should ensure that they play a role in realizing the rights of children and youths for a sustained development and future.Next generations companies should inculcate this positive nature of realizing the rights of children and youths for the benefit of all.Let us all protect the children and youth of today for a bright tomorrow.

Leonard (18) Nairobi, Kenya

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