The simplest way to end poverty: a model

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Inscrit le 14 mars 2012
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Poverty, a much talked topic, is a matter of great concern. We, human beings, can't let people die from poverty or hunger.Now the question is how can we end this? Or can we end poverty?

I believe, we can because nothing is impossible. But for this, we all have to take great initiatives and work together. The rich have to stand with the poor and the poor have to devote themselves to doing what it takes to get out of poverty. Let's have a close look at the following point:

All the countries of the world don't have the same resources or the same access to capital.Therefore, the rich will need to invest. The focus should be on agriculture, technology, environment and women's empowerment. Those areas where cheap labor is available can be used for production. For example, in Bangladesh labor is available at a cheap rate. We need to raise food production. Without agriculture, ending poverty would be impossible. So we should first focus on agriculture.

We should also invest in technology and train people to use it and become skilled workers. Technology is used in warfare. Governments spend billions of dollars to conduct wars. But what's the return on investment for waging war? Nothing of course. War only promotes death and destruction. What would have happened if these huge amounts of money were used for productive purposes? So why don't we stop making war?

Nothing is possible if you exclude women. Women's participation is crucial. Success depends on them mostly. A survey in China showed that women's participation increases the chances of success of a project.

Lastly and most importantly, we should take care of our environment and our planet.

If we all work together, we could probably end poverty. Let's start by cooperating with each other.

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