The world needs your conviction

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Inscrit le 8 novembre 2013
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Forget all the sensational stories you have ever heard or read, don’t mind the discouragements thrown at you about how what you seek is impossible. Disregard the words, the texts, the complexities and harsh realities. Stick to that you want to achieve, maintain focus and live as if this was your only ultimate goal. Because it should be, it has to be if you want to achieve it. Define it, model it, and then execute?

Yes the world needs changing; from the hunger, war, greed and the evils that comes with it. The impacts of human ‘cannibalism’ or what is popularly known as Capitalism. People need to be freed from these vices, freed from the anguish and misfortunes they are going through. People need their life back.

I will not tell you about how you should change your thoughts first, or your environment or maybe your lifestyle. Or about the sacrifices you will have to make before you can have any reasonable impact in your quest. I will not be the devil’s advocate or the “voice of reason “, I will not tell you that your current ambitions are driven by mere naivety or that it’s probably a case of too much ambition hidden in the safeties of uninformed realities.

I need you to believe you can do it; I need to believe so bad that you can change the world! Because his world needs your conviction, this world needs you!

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