They are human and capable too

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Inscrit le 23 août 2013
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The most marginalized children of the world can do much better and are better.

All children, regardless of where and how they were born as well as what they were born with are entitled to survival, development, protection and care as well as a better standard of living and participation in governance and society.

However, due to stigma, ignorance, neglect, superstition and communication barriers, these children find themselves isolated from the societies that they live in and are more and more becoming victims of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation. In South Africa, the National Plan for Action for Children (NPAC) was developed in 2012 to ensure that all children are taken care of, developed, healthy, listened to and live in decent houses with water and food and are protected against all forms of abuse. However, many children with disabilities in this country are still victims of abuse (sexual, emotional and physical), and exploitation and their standard of living is still far from being ideal, while their participation is also not effective. The gap between children from rich and poor families is also very wide and for children with disabilities from poor backgrounds, the situation is even worse. This is mostly due to the fact that legislation, policies, and attitudes fail to recognize these children with disabilities and as a result increase their vulnerability to violence, abuse and exploitation.

Therefore, an encouragement, the means, love, acceptance and support are some of the factors that can influence a positive existence in these children's lives where they could feel empowered to become everything they aspire to be and be an inspiration to other children.

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