They Were Murdered

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In Africa, there's always a 5% increase in death rate every 3 months. Which are caused by minor factors the government refuses to set thoughts to.

In Africa, there's always a 5% increase in death rate every 3 months. Which are caused by minor factors the government refuses to set thoughts to.

I cannot speak of the number of deaths or give an estimation of the total number of youths that have lost their lives due to certain issues linked to a rapid desire for change, wealth and fame. But, one thing remains clear: The majority of deaths have occurred due to an abrupt change in the ramifications of socioeconomic standards altered by political thugs. This unwanted adjustment has made the need for man in a do or die affair. From the unlawful demand for peace and harmony youths have lost their lives. The government has cast their thoughts to the wind, they allow certain laws and rights dwindle the lives of buoyant youths. Hundreds of youths have lost their lives due to the pressure attributed to voting. It's good to vote. But the way it is here, it's an avenue to increase the deaths of youths. There's no security given to those who are voting, and in most cases, some candidates who have their rights stained seek to alter voting by using extreme means - which in turn ends the lives of youths.

Also, there are no good hospitals and girls do irrational things to themselves due to a lack of knowledge. The health centers that are supposed to maintain a steady health rate at all cost do so by not attending to these girls early enough and not administering appropriate medications to them. At the expense of trying to stay fit, these young girls lose their lives to minor issues.

Today, people fight for position (wolves in sheep's clothing). The most touching of all are the conflicts in 'Government owned schools', where we have an annual contest between David and Goliath. Students have lost their lives for the sake of position resulting from vague issues, they protest for development in school and for their rights to be heard. And still, the government has done nothing. I have often talked about the relationship between LGBT youths and the environment. Well, the crux of the matter is that these youths are either killed or sent to prison, without seeking to understand them and why they find themselves in this situation. Thus, we continually have an evolution of unresolved problems. The increase in the death rates associated with the lack of knowledge displayed by inane leaders is the worst of all.

I believe it has thwarted the need for excellence. Many have lots their lives. The worst of all are the kidnapping of the young Chibok girls in Nigeria (serving as sex slaves). If we and the government can maintain, sustain and adhere to a standard, then we may have a reduction in conflict and the deaths occurring.

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