Think about the people on the other end.


Inscrit le 8 février 2012
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The things we have and the food we eat are mistreated and not valued. The everyday life makes us demand for more, leading us to being ungrateful. Instead we compete with each other, the "rich kid next door" or doing things that we could waste our lives with, updating statuses, etc. We are so "busy" with things that would not benefit us and take our everyday needs for granted.

When it comes to poverty and poor people, we often avoid to or don't pay attention. Our parents often say," Don't you know the kids in Africa don't get to eat? They have no food! Instead you are wasting it." Still we ignore, we often blame the poor people for being financially unfit, relying on our tax to survive. The truth is, our assumptions are not accurate. We point fingers here and there being unaware of what is happening around us.

Many of unfortunate people were often born into poor families and not given a chance to have an education to live a better life. Some say it is because "they are lazy, they do not work hard enough to earn a living." In fact they work very hard. This may apply to developed countries but with developing countries it is often the opposite. They work hard doing unwanted jobs to earn a living and still not enough to support their family. There is an unfair split of money of the rich and poor and very often the rich are overpowered and rich and the poor stand no chance in finances leading to poverty.

The places they live in are also unclean and not sanitized, which leads to health problems. Many young children aged between 0-5 years do not live in a safe and clean environment. These underprivileged children do not even have proper food and shelter, and often are lead to malnutrition. Even if they survive, their health would be a hindrance to them especially in the society that we live in. Poverty showed no mercy, leaving children uneducated and malnourished.

Have you ever wondered that one of these children might be bringing inventions and innovation to the world and society that we live in? Everyone obviously deserves a chance in life; they too should have a shot in life. Poverty eats up a person slowly, causing him/her to suffer, where every one of them certainly would not want that to happen. So, be thankful for the things we own, eat wisely. Think about the people on the other end.

Photo: © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1729/Warrick Page Pakistan, 2011 On 15 October, in the town of Pangrio in Badin District in Sindh Province, a girl waits to be assessed for signs of malnutrition at a UNICEF-supported mobile clinic, which provides services for children in isolated, rural areas.

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