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Christmas is a time when we celebrate the joyful news about the birth of Jesus. Christmas is identifically the time for people to gather with their beloved persons, like family and friends. We eat cakes, have a chat, drink hot chocolate, and pray together. But let’s take a look at these people:

In Afghanistan..

British troops celebrated their Christmas in the middle of their duty, and they had a Christmas lunch which was served at the UK headquarters in Camp Bastion and four smaller remote bases. It is also stated that there was extra time for phone calls home and prayer in this Christmas. “Some 447 British servicemen and women have lost their lives since operations began in 2001. The most recent death took place on Monday when a soldier from the Royal Engineers was killed after coming under enemy fire while on operations east of Kabul,” writes BBC.

In Philippines..

Ronis Miraflor, one of the victim of super-typhoon in Tacloban, felt so thankful that he’s still alive, and he is still surrounded by his family.He said that it didn’t matter if he didn’t have any delicious food. Having his family on his side is enough for him. Anna Sofia, another victim from the typhoon that had lost her house, said that for her, Christmas is about receiving gifts, and also giving the gifts to poor people so that they also feel blessed.

In South Sudan..

Washington Post writes about the speech from South Sudan President, Salva Kiir. In his speech that has been delivered at Christmas Mass, President Kiir asked to those who still attack the civilians and do other malicious things to stop, because they have enough of pain and fear.

In Indonesia..

Some of the churchs were guided by policemen with their weapons, in order to prevent any criminal motives, especially a murder intention by exploding bomb. If we go to the west part of Indonesia, we can see the refugees of the eruption of Sinabung Mountain celebrated their Christmas in the evacuation area.

This is not only about Christians, but these are the facts to open our eyes that we even still have the difficulty to get our rights. Even we can lose our lives just because we want to pray.. Isn’t it tragic? These facts also show us that there are still so many problems like war and conflict that have not been over yet. So, will you still cover your body with that blanket or start a movement to get things done? :)


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