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I am just a normal young girl who lived in a normal family. I don’t have any problem either in my family or my life. As a kid, I was always wondering, why so many people live in proverty? Those children in the morning, why do they sell newspapers every day? Why do they prefer to work than going to school? Why do they look so weak? Wearing a dirty clothes, asking for money to everyone they meet. Those old man, don’t they have a job? And another ‘why’ questions hanging on my mind. I felt so much pity and I thought I can easily help them by giving them some money that I have. At least that’s what my parents said to me.

One day, the first time in my life, I wanted to do something for them, not just simply giving money. I was motivated by a book titled ‘Totto-chan’s Children: A Goodwill Journey to the Children of The World’. From that book I learned a lot about children in other countries. Before I read that book, I already know that many countries like those in Africa are poor in economic way. But I can’t believe it, that it’s more complex than what I understand. After that, I admired Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, the writer, and UNICEF a lot. I often read some news in UNICEF site, and finally I found this Voices of Youth site. Just want to let you know, my dream is to become a UNICEF Ambassador like her although it seems impossible. But I will try... I started this journey to become an Ambassador of UNICEF from my own city.

I started my 'journey' after I continued my studies at university. I joined many communities that work for street children and orphans in my city. But I think that it’s not enough. I am always wondering... what can I do to help those children in Africa or other countries that most of its people lived in proverty? Again, I am just a normal girl who came from normal family. My family have enough money to pay tuition fees and our daily needs but not for me to going abroad. I mean, I really want to know the real situation there. I want to directly go to those countries and meet the children there. Yes, I’m focusing on children. I want to meet and play happily together with children in all countries. Finally I realized something: I don’t have to become Ambassador of UNICEF! I can do it in other ways. But how? Suddenly I start to ask myself another questions again. What should I do so I can go there? What will I do if finally I can go there? Just watch their suffers, or give them some daily needs? Then it’s no different with giving them money, right? So many questions in my mind.

And now, I want to know what’s your opinions. Can you help me to answer those questions? :)

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