Together we can eradicate the POVERTY!

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Secretary General Message on Poverty Eradication Day 2011.mp4

Since 1993, each October 17, is celebrated the International Day for the eradication of poverty. With the resolution 47/196 of General Assembly by the United Nations, this day was designed to promote awareness of the need and importance to eradicate poverty in all the world, but above all, in the development countries.

This year, the theme is oriented to "SUSTAINABILITY", focused in a relation between people and development, for the upcoming Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

There are many initiatives promoted to eradicate the poverty around the world. Foster the agriculture (for a better land management, enriching job opportunities and education oriented technical training for specialized training in issues related to agroecology).

Also, attack the most common diseases in developing countries, such as AIDS, malaria and other endemic diseases that provide a reduced quality of life and produce a slowdown in population growth, also causing serious problems for infants, who are individuals more susceptible.

Last but not least, it's necessary to guide training policies towards open and free education for all. Education is a universal right. It's essential for the optimal development in societies, building capacities to promote technical areas of work and personal growth.

In this sense, the United Nations with their "Milennium Development Goals" has created an objetive (the first step) oriented to decrease the poverty worldwide, focusing their actions in very clear and specific initiatives, as reduce the number of persons that living with one dolar or less for day, achieve full employment and reduce drastically the worldwide hunger.

"Together, let us listen to people — and stand up for their hopes and aspirations. That is how we will build a world free of poverty." ONU Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

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