Truly 'Disposable' Plant Containers


Inscrit le 2 mars 2012
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I thought I came up with a revolutionary idea when I thought up biodegradable plant containers. But upon further inspection, it had already been done before! True, it is somewhat unrecognized still as the petroleum-based plastic packs are still at large. But these black 'wrap-arounds' are far from biodegradable, despite being very easy to be disposed of.

These new biodegradable plant containers consist of either peat moss or wood fiber. Due to this new innovation, plants don't even have to be removed from their containers, instead being able to be planted directly into the soil and the containers with disintergrate into the soil. Therefore, the occurence of plant shock can be seen as a thing of yesterday. They promote good air-circulation, and even provide nutrients for the plants to grow on their own.

The biodegradable plant containers are truly the way to go and I highly support them.

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