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Poverty is all around us, people are suffering and dying. peoples hearts are filled with disbelief and no hope. for part of my youth group I am in charge of Mission things. I'm starting by making a difference in my youth group, then my town and soon hopefully the world. My heart is for those that have no hope. I'm going to be the hope they need. This is something that I wrote to make people aware ....

The Unseen

I've seen the unseen, I've walked amongst death and I've felt their pain. The fear of disease is all around me. The tears and hurt is just something that has grown into the every day to day life. Hearts are broken permanently, lives are wrecked almost completely. Thailand is said to be a land of beauty; beaches, sun and smiles, but I was going for a different reason. The reason being was to see the unseen. I was going on a Missions trip. Stepping out of the Bangkok Airport. Taking a big breath in. I stopped and almost passed out, it was thick and hard to breathe. The air was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I felt trapped and surrounded- I felt like I was in a small enclosed space. It was different and felt unreal. Being surrounded by lecherous eyes watching, wanting, and waiting for something unclean. Being surrounded by this culture they live. Feeling unsafe, disgusted and filthy all because of your sex. Feeling uncomfortable because of the colour of your hair and eyes. Being trapped in yourself. Welcome to Thailand... The way they live. I've held the children unseen, and they move me. I wonder what I can do to improve a thousand lives, I feel the absence of love and it scares me. The trading of a humans live is a question of 'supply' and 'demand'. This world needs to open their eyes and see the unseen. Stopping to catch our breath up the stairs to a temple, a couple of hundred up and only half way. Stretched from the first step to the last was a dragon. Tinted with red and gold. The scales that covered the outside of the dragon were as big as both of my hands put together. The temple its self was paved with gold. Had statues made out of marble and rocks. And had the smell of insists all around. It was peaceful and calming but at the same time intriguing. It allowed your mind to go anywhere, if you let it, that was.

On the way back down a child, a little girl no older than four, reaches out to me and grabs on. I could feel her hurt, I could see her pain and I felt her tears as they soaked my shirt. She's crying out for money, she looked into my eyes and I looked back in hers, they said “save me!" I say “what is wrong with this world?" Children's laughter is hard to find, but smiles are part of a cover-up, and joy… Well what is joy? The colours that cover your eyes as you walk past are just amazing. The smells that fill your nose as you take a breath in are so strong. Some good, some bad, some amazing and leave you searching for where it comes from but others, leave you questioning what it was. As you walk through these streets, pain radiates out of the smiles. They are so friendly and welcoming, even after all they have been through. To stay strong is something they aim for. Having a meal once a week is hard to live by, but for the majority of the time the living, doesn’t last long. Hope even after everything, is still there. I sit here a world away, their suffering I don’t know by name, but I see their faces every day and I pray it's not too late, for the hope that I know to arise. Reality for them is a worst nightmare for us. They’re homes have been broken, and lives have been destroyed but for them, this is life. Open your heart to the things unseen. By Lauri Peers

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