UNSLCD- What's Happening?

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The United Nations Student Leadership Conference on Development is happening now! Students from Mexico, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the United States are currently in New York at the United Nations communicating and working together through cross cultural capabilities. The students have opened their day through a video conference with students in the cities of Chennai, India, Mexico City, Mexico, British Columbia, Canada, and Makati in the Philippines. Over the weekend, the students have been working diligently to put together a plan of action involving continuous global issues (including global citizenship, education for all, sustainable development through environmental responsibility, food security and human rights) and their original and creative solutions to these pervading problems. Currently, we are honored to have UNICEF's own Zayn Abaakil speaking and answering questions surrounding the purpose and motives behind the media platform, Voices of Youth, and how through this technological opportunity, we are able to connect with the youth of the world! The hope of the world rests in your hands, and we are so excited to see the outcome of these students' ideas, passions and actions. Onward!

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