Violence against Children in the Spotlight at Caribbean Meeting: Meet Craig


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There are many ways to describe the experience that I have been given the opportunity to witness. Originally I had the standard expectation of a conference, a long and monotonous ceremony where I would be lectured and put to sleep with no chance to offer input and everything be laid out in front of me. It was quite the opposite upon my arrival I have been met with nothing but participation and enthusiasm from both my fellow juices of our creative young minds for the betterment of children around the world and for this I express a million thanks for this marvellous and creative opportunity.

-Craig, Young Media team of the conference, Jamaica

About the event: Caribbean leaders converged in Jamaica on May 14-15, to discuss stepping up efforts to tackle the regional epidemic of violence against children. The meeting was organized by the Global Movement for Children in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Office of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Violence against Children, the Government of Jamaica and the CARICOM, with support from local partners and focused on the recommendations of the United Nation's study on violence against children (2006).

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