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From worldaidsdayhouston.org

From worldaidsdayhouston.org

On December 1st-7th 2013, there is an event called National Condom Week, where committees campaign against the infection of HIV by giving out free condoms. This event is held in relation with World AIDS Day which we celebrated on December 1st. However, National Condom Week causes a firm controversy between the affirmative and the opposition. The opposition says that giving away condoms to people, will increase the probability of people having sex and cause several lost for the related sides. The affirmative says that there is no research or evidence that shows that by giving condoms for free will cause any rise of sex. This topic may seem taboo for some people to discuss, but I have asked some of my friends from the Political and Social Science Faculty to share their opinion about this event:

Rayhan: “In my opinion, giving away condoms will not solve the problem. It will even create a tendecy for people to become permissive about doing that kind of activity. I think that if you really want to solve this problem, you should come to the root of the problem. This event only cuts one of the poisonous branch, while the poison has already spreaded. So, we should come to the main cause of this problem. I go with opposition.

Ira: “So, for what I have read and heard, people misunderstand safe sex. They think that safe sex is have sex safely regardless of whether you are married or not. But actually, when you already married, you have your “true” partner and you don’t change for one another for sexual activities. That’s the true meaning of safe sex. So, if this event goes in the name of safe sex, I guess it is false, because safe sex is not aimed for general society. I am contra.”

Nadia Syifa: “For me, if anybody said that by giving out a condom will stimulate people to do have free sex with others, it is nonsense. Well, I even have not heard any research that said when you are given a condom, then you suddenly want to do sex. It comes back to the personal value. Giving out condoms for free is one of preventive action which is, for me, a good thing. Because I have to say that, those are the people in Indonesia. You cannot say yes for them and give them permission, while you also cannot say no and prevent them. Maybe most people in society are shocked and become very sensitive about this issue because talking about everything that relates with sex is kind of taboo in our culture. Right? So I support the affirmative.”

There will be so many opinions, especially from youth, about this event. In my opinion, I have no problem with this event and its campaign. I just want to make sure that their target campaign is correct, like, you cannot give free condoms at a university or other educational institutions. So, as long as the target is right and appropriate, I guess there is no problem for doing this campaign.

Besides, I also want to highlight that we still have other strategies that can be used to prevent AIDS. We also can do so many things to make people realize that we have to avoid the disease, not the person. As youths that are full with brilliant ideas, I guess this is one of our jobs to solve this problem, and sometimes we also have to fight against our fears to talk about something in order to solve it. Discuss it, say it in a good manner with a good purpose, open your mind, and start making a movement.

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