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Wednesday (08/28)
This is going to be a stressful day for all the high school students who took part in National Exams of Greece. On this day, the results will be announced & all candidates will see if they succedded and what options they have.

All of us have studied a lot, to get the the score we needed. Unfortunately, the Greek educational system is not really the best. Students are faced with a big amount of subjects, with six-or four, it depends of the type of high school you are in. In some of them, it depends on what these subjects are. We (or at least most of us) have to know everything by heart and literally not forget anything, in order to get a good score and your marks to be high. Plus, the majority of them, need to take some extra lessons.They start in the summer, so when they are at school,they can understand things better. But, the prices are way too high for some families, so the students try on their own. But this factor doesn't always matter. There are many candidates who had a higher score than those who were taking extra lessons.

This is my story:

I took part in the national exams this year for the first time. I didn't take any extra lessons. Thankfully, my teachers and some classmates, helped me study with different notes and things that I should really pay attention to.

One of the most (if not the most) encouraging fact was that everyone believed in me. My family, my friends, my teachers, everyone. I'm a person that has studied a lot during my school years and my marks were high. But this time, things were difficult.The pressure was high, the amount of information that I had to keep in mind, was huge; so, I had to be patient,,calm and not to freak out. As a matter of fact, I did it. Even when the time for the exams had come, I was relaxed and not stressed at all.

The first round of my results was here. It was about time I knew my score, and they weren't really good. The same happened with the majority of my classmates. There were only a few people that got a high score. The number I scored wouldn't helped me to attend a university, where I could study journalism.T ime for plan B.

Plan B.
The next step was to fill a form where I would mention the universities and the schooles I'd like to attend, starting with the ones that I wanted the most. I started with journalism. I mentioned a few and then the university where I can study sociology or social work with one of my top choices being to become a caseworker. But, as I mentioned in my first article, the dream of journalism, is still alive.

And now,what?
Now, I'm waiting. We are waiting, and we pray and we hope that the results will satisfy us. If they do not, I'll try to find another solution; maybe I'll take the exams again, without having the stress that I have to study for the non-exams-related school subjects. Or maybe, attend something like a school, where you pay -every six months. Nothing is for sure.Whatever happens, I know very well, that I have people that care about me and they realy support me. Let's think positively!

See you soon!


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