We Are Studying, But Are We Active?

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This post is inspired by a topic from VOY debate about whether the value of our exams can represent the value of our capability. It somehow gave birth to a type of a person called study-oriented. I don’t want to be judgmental because I believe that that kind of person has their own reasons to finally decide to be study-oriented. However, what I want to double-underlined is they become a study-oriented person unconsciously and based on the value that society has made. It is like you are studying not because you really want to learn, but rather because society adores those who are really smart.

However, studying is not only about what you learn in class, and it is not the only thing you need in order to survive. Doing other activities can be one of the sources to learn, for example, joining any organizations in your school or university. It helps you to learn how to work as a team, to organize an event, to be a part of something like public relations, finance, and others. If you don’t think that you could make it on a long-term bond, you can simply choose to join a committee for an event. It also helps to improve your ability to adapt and socialize, because somehow you will never know what kind of responsibility will be given to you later, and you need the ability to adapt and socialize in order to enjoy it and live in your working environment.

Joining one of the clubs at your university or school is also okay. You will be able to learn to adapt and socialize, yet you will also be able to improve your talent. These clubs can help you reduce the risk of getting stressed. Even nowadays there are a lot of clubs that exist in school and university where you can freely choose which one is the most appropriate with your talent and characteristic. Moreover, some clubs even would like to join some competitions which will give a good effect to the members, because it is not only your skill that is being exercised, but also your mental capabilities.

You don’t want to get involved in your inner-circle? You can go outside your circle and join a different community. A community usually makes a gathering and discussion section and it helps you to speak up and think out of the box. The discussion triggers us to produce more ideas. It also gives us new insight and knowledge. And don’t forget about a huge link that you will have because somehow the community usually consists of people which you don’t know (most of them) from the start.

Whether you join any organizations, committees, clubs, or community, you will increase your empathy towards social problems. It is a gate towards making a change, to improve things. Nobody wants to be such a walking-brain. Subjectively, it will be such a waste if you are a genius.

So, cognitive aspect is important, but we cannot forget that the ability to work as a team. The ability to adapt, socialize, speak up, produce new ideas, and are also important. Somehow that cognitive aspect will not really work, and will never be applicable, if it is not combined by these things. So, let’s go out and be an active person.

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