We Do Our Part In Our Education. Now It Is Up To The Adults.

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Inscrit le 22 novembre 2013
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We as young males and females go to school everyday and we try our best to do well. We study for tests and take extra help from our teachers to get a better grade in their class. We set goals for ourselves and we hope one day to achieve them.

Then why do some feel like they are not ready to face the world?

The answer is that teachers and the Board of Education don't prepare us for the real world. They just prepare us for tests like the Regents. This does nothing to help us become better young adults who will one day go to college and later get a job.

We need to be heard by our teachers and principles. I have witnessed before that teachers don't really listen to what we have to say. They just see us as students. They don't see us as mature adults. Yes, some students act like pre-schoolers, but they are a minority. We have ideas that can help improve our schools. Teachers need to do their part and stop arguing with students and putting them down. They need to stop treating us as a burden and start caring. When we see this, we know that we have someone who can help us pick a college and a career.

If they just listen, schools can form great young adults that are career ready.

There needs to be a student union, which is a national group of students from all the 50 states who come together to get a better education and be heard.

If we team up we can achive anything!

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