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Inscrit le 10 septembre 2012
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Imagine what the perfect world would be like. Where everyone is selfless and people care about each other and there is no greed in the world, then take a look at our world, a really good look. What do you see? All people ever think about is money and the fastest way to become rich is.

Where is all this coming from? Well... during school recently I had a discussion with my friend about drug patents and it made me realize that the only reason companies want drug patents is so that they can make millions and millions of dollars out of their very important medication.

I understand that companies want to safe-guard the huge amount of investment for such high-risk research and allowing local drug stores to sell an imitation at a cheaper price may not give them maximum benefit but at least its serving the main purpose of creating the drug in the first place.

Have humans become so involved with money that they have forgotten the importance of just being there for someone else, putting their problems before ours and the just simply caring? I say its time we take a step and start getting involved. Its about time we give something back to our society. Every small step counts but it is important that we are willing to take the first step ourselves and show an act of kindness and help those in need.

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