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On December 3, 2013, my classmates from The Brooklyn International High School, and I attended an event at UNICEF House to announce UNICEF’s new Goodwill Ambassador. It was such an amazing experience that I feel that I have met not just a person, but an idol. In fact she is one of my personal idols and the idols of millions of people. The best moment of the day was when I saw her new music video for the song, Unconditionally, and how it is relevant to UNICEF’s work. Of course, Katy Perry did a really great job by choosing to go with UNICEF to the small villages of Madagascar. She did not act like a mega superstar, and she went there as a human being with all of her heart and affection. She talked about going to Madagascar and her experiences in a village, hidden deep in the jungle, and seeing how the kids lived. They walk miles to go to school in their bare feet. Her words showed that she isn’t seeing them with only her eyes, but also with her heart.

UNICEF must feel honored to have Katy Perry as their new Goodwill Ambassador and I feel honored to have been there when she was announced. Katy Perry is not just a singer. She is a voice for the voiceless and an idol for millions of people like myself. My experience meeting Katy Perry was amazing. It makes me happy that she is the one who will be representing UNICEF all around the world. UNICEF is a great organization that helps children and youth get an education and protect their rights. It even helps women who face violence. Katy is such an amazing person and she will be able to carry the torch for UNICEF in order to shed light on these important issues to help people who need a helping hand. She’ll influence millions of people with her voice and actions.

Katy Perry is the role model for millions of people and many people will follow her every single move, especially good moves like joining UNICEF. I think the best thing about Katy Perry being UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador is that she’ll not only understand people but I think she will be able to feel sympathy and empathy for them. When young people like us see the good deeds she is doing, it is contagious. Therefore, her fans and followers can have a huge impact. I am sure every fan will want to support her calls for action and help those kids and women who are oppressed because every single human being counts.

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