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Hi, before I start discussing about this topic, let me introduce myself first. My name is Amanda Inez. I am a freshman at Sheridan College, Canada. I came from Indonesia where I consider is very much related to this topic.

I was born in Indonesia, from (luckily) a complete family. I'm not saying that I'm rich, but at least I live happily with some things I can always get from my family. At the age of six, my family started to hire maids. FYI, it's very common to each adequate family to have one or more maids. And so, a lady has been working in our house for such a long time, until now.

One thing that I want to share is, not everyone in my country was born in an adequate family. Many live in poverty and hunger. They have a bad education, they have bad nutrition. They don't have the chance to get a better education. They don't have the chance to enjoy the entertainment nowadays.

When I was still in Indonesia, our maid used to bring her son. This son was about three years old. He didn't have the chance to go to kindergarten or playgroup. He didn't have the chance to eat healthy. I remember because my mother often gave him milk and meat, because our maid had two more children, and the salary she received won't be enough to feed them, to send them to school, or to have at least a sufficient health care.

Well, I'm sure that Indonesia does pay a lot of attention to this severe problem. But I can't see a better path of them to reduce poverty and hunger among our people. Sometimes in my old school, we were asked to give some donation to those who are poor. Anything would be acceptable. And we did give a lot. But year to year, time to time, I'm feeling that there are no progress in their lives. They still live in the same condition as they were, they still ask for our donation. And this makes me think that maybe there's something wrong with the donation's delivery. Did they really get what we gave?

I don't want to blame anyone. I'm just trying to open our government's minds. That without well-educated people, our country will be nothing. I believe that there are lots of untapped potentials in Indonesia. We need to dig more potentials. We need to help each other, find one great solution that will last long. Of course, if the government and social charity agents work together in the right mission, I believe that anything is possible. Indonesia can reduce the number of poverty and hunger.

I also believe that this thing happens outside Indonesia, too. There are lots of countries that need our help. If we stay quiet, who will help them? What will this world become?

By Amanda Inez (amanda.inez02@hotmail.com) (www.twitter.com/mandainez)

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