What are the causes of the increase in prostitution rates in Kabwe?

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Inscrit le 12 avril 2014
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Young activist at Stephen Luwishya Secondary School in Kabwe.Copperbelt.

Young activist at Stephen Luwishya Secondary School in Kabwe.Copperbelt.

Prostitution as a whole has become a serious draw back in the development of the country; this is because most of the men and women are practicing it instead of taking part in developmental projects. Prostitution is as a result of the following reasons like; pleasure, curiosity, ignorance and so on. Envy has greatly contributed in a way that people engage themselves in prostitution because they want to have the things that other people have. Sensitization can also help reduce the rate of prostitution by talking about its risks and consequences.

When we talk about poverty, it is a state where you lack basic needs it also contributes to the increase in the rate of prostitution in such a way that people use it as a way of acquiring basic needs and wants.

In the same way, peer pressure has also contributed to high rates of prostitution. It is mostly among youths. A lot of people want to fit in their environment and so they are forced to indulge themselves in prostitution.

In conclusion, prostitution has a great effect on the environment especially among the youth and it has brought so many problems in the society. Unemployment is a major driver to an increase in prostitution cases in Kabwe hence creating employment for most young people can drastically reduce the rate of prostitution.

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