What can we do as youth representatives?

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I am José David Mendoza. I am 15 years old and live in Colombia. I currently study in technical and administrative assistance in National Service for Training SENA in high school.

I knew the work of Child & Youth Finance International during the Global Money Week in March this year. I participated in a series of activities that took place in my school for an initiative of SENA. Since the moment I committed to the program it led me to be a speaker at the IV Latin American Congress of Economic and Financial Education. It organizes entities like Asobancaria and Felaban, with the Child & Youth Finance International support. During this event, I had the opportunity to express my perspective on the problems and possible solutions involving financial education with an international panel of experts.

After Congress saw my commitment to the program, I joined the team CYFI Youth Committee since several months. For me, this means being a part of the change, taking initiative, and finding problems and solutions. It means I have the possibility to have a voice in my country to help to the world's youth. To be part of this movement has radically changed my life. I really enjoy this work because I know it's a job that will be reflected quickly in communities around the world, which needs help and have socio-economic problems that affect their quality of life by not having a clear vision of the future.

Every time I'm moved, the Social and Financial Education program begins at my school as pilot program which will be run in collaboration with Child Finance, Aflatoun, Children International, SENA and of course the educational community of the institution. I look forward to seeing the fruits of this magnificent job reflected in the children and youth of the institution, which will surely be multipliers of knowledge and experiences acquired during the process.

Being a youth representative the CYFI Movement has been a tool that has allowed me to reach young people, communicate with them, and know what you think about finance. This experience is very important for me because I learned that by working together we can most certainly work to educate and involve vulnerable populations in each of our countries and improve their quality of life.

Finance is a field in which I am sure none of us had before knowing the work of CYFI. Now I know what the scope can have and their importance for future generations. We are becoming more and more active as time provides ideas and proposals that move children and youth for the future. This is a process of seeking equality and rights. The work that is reflected in this project is getting bigger.

I have learned that it is possible to educate children using instructional media which can project a clear future, developing goals to follow and fulfill their financial goals using education as a means. Now, we can also link finances with dreams. It is a complement with which we can meet these goals. It is precisely part of our work as youth representatives, to teach how to use finances to turn dreams into reality.

Children and young people are more motivated by the games and the dynamics in this field and I am sure that the theory does not work with the children at the same level as would with a teenager.

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